Happy 2018 — Are you ready to paint !!

Happy 2018!  Let’s paint!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and survived the COLD and snow.  Myself…we experienced several burst water pipes and have spent many of the last 5 weekends repairing everything in case we get more cold weather.  But I am ready  to get back to painting now. So join me to paint this lonely barn in the snow.   You can see the schedule for the rest of the month since it is now posted on the web page http://adate2paint.com/calendar/    I hope everyone finds something of interest and will join me as we paint our masterpieces.

Winter barn in the snow.

Brrr… looks COLD

  In  fact, the first painting  scheduled for this Saturday, 2/10  from 9:00am-200am  reminds us that it is still winter, with a little snow. Remember– February is traditionally our coldest month.

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