Happy 2018 — Are you ready to paint !!

Happy 2018!  Let’s paint!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and survived the COLD and snow.  Myself…we experienced several burst water pipes and have spent many of the last 5 weekends repairing everything in case we get more cold weather.  But I am ready  to get back to painting now. So join me to paint this lonely barn in the snow.   You can see the schedule for the rest of the month since it is now posted on the web page http://adate2paint.com/calendar/    I hope everyone finds something of interest and will join me as we paint our masterpieces.

Winter barn in the snow.

Brrr… looks COLD

  In  fact, the first painting  scheduled for this Saturday, 2/10  from 9:00am-200am  reminds us that it is still winter, with a little snow. Remember– February is traditionally our coldest month.

Santa’s Journey Oil Painting



My students and I painted this oil painting last week  during our bi-weekly 3-hour class.  Are you ready for Christmas? ONLY 16 DAYS left to prepare for his visit  wouldn’t this be the perfect holiday gift?

Speaking of gifts, several students from the class already have plans to give theirs to either family or friends for Christmas.  Would YOU like to paint something like this for yourself or others? This painting, like others I teach, are taught with YOU in mind. Whether you are a true beginner or more advanced painter , it is designed to be completed in one short class AND can even be framed afterward in my studio. Click here to view the schedule of other classes. http://adate2paint.com/calendar/


Cape Fear Community College in 2018

Good News,,,  I got a call asking if we wanted to schedule Bob Ross Classes again next year at the community college?

So, the school will be adding this to the spring schedule in February and again in April.  This sounds like the perfect time to look at painting some flowers? After the cooler January & February, we should celebrate spring and the budding flowers by painting a few of our own that will NOT wilt or die.  Be thinking about those Roses and Tulips.

Until the next post..  Elexsis

1st class for 2017

The first painting class  for 2017 is scheduled this week….Tuesday, 1/17  5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at my studio – 1629 41st Street, Wilmington, N.C.

To start the year, we will be trying something a little more contemporary.

Elexsis Sutton Painting in oils

Cliff or Reflection

We will be painting this in 3 hours, so come join us and have FUN.    If you haven’t painted with me before, come prepared to take your finished painting home with you.  You can even have it framed if you wish.

Where else can you go to have FUN and learn a new skill for less than $20.00 for a 3 hour class. Go o the website http://adate2paint.com  and sign up or call me @ 910-612-5223.

Happy New Year!

What a way to start off the new year— temperatures  in the teens & twenties.  However, this has been the perfect time to stay inside and finish the painting schedule for January – April 1. ..

The schedule is being emailed Monday (1/9)  along with the flier for the  Bob Ross classes starting 2/9/17 at Cape Fear Community College 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm for 4 Thursdays (ending 3/2/17). We already have 2 people signed up, BUT we need more to have the class.  Do you need a refresher in some of the basic techniques?  If so,  call 910-362-7199 or go online to http://www.cfcc.edu/ce  and sign up.    Feel free to spread the word to your kids / grandkids or anyone else who has seen your work and wanted to try to paint.

In the meantime, classes will resume on Tuesday, 1/17 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm with something a little different…

Oil Paintingb - Cliff in the Abstract

Abstract Cliff in oil







Click here to see the schedule.





Bob Ross is BACK!

Classes are being offered in the Spring  February 9 – March 2  6:00 pm-9:00 pm

Over the past several months, I have heard several people ask if  I could resume the Bob Ross classes that were oriented for beginners.  So this is happening just in the nick of time. However, at the present time I do not have the cost, but will be contacting the school on Monday, 11/21 to get this information and share with you.

What do you think?  We will be starting with the basics in landscaping:  sky, clouds,  trees, water, and grass to get started.

Mountain  Stream

Mountain Stream



2016 Almost Over

During these past 11 months we have painted a number of pictures on a variety of subjects:  Rough seascapes, classical umbrellas on the beach, flowers of ALL types and on a variety of surfaces like plate chargers in addition to, the usual canvases, and decorative landscapes to name a few,

As we get to the end of the year, holiday scenes are being offered in December. The first on 12/6 will be a classical Snowman surrounded by roses, while the 2nd, and last class of the year, will be more of FUN piece—painting snowmen on T-shirts.  Perfect for the Youngsters (including those of us 50 and older)

Stay tuned for the 2017 class schedule out soon, where we will see Bob Ross classes offered at Cape Fear Community College in the spring and portraits painted in the summer. We will also continue to be inspired by photos and capture those memories on canvas.

So keep checking back and have a Happy Thanksgiving next week.

Elexsis  11/14/16

Cape Fear Community College Summer Classes

Just received confirmation  yesterday, 3/18/2016, from Cape Fear Community College that I will be teaching youths 8-10 & 11-13 this summmer  at the two Summer Camps being  offering for 4 days in July and again in August.  If you have kids or grandchildren who like to paint or would like to learn a little, stay tuned for the Announcements and advertising.  I will share the detail as soon as I know more so check back soon.

We will be painting several flowers and  a few landscapes…PLUS a little something special on the last day.

They have even reequested some adult classes.  We are working on those now and should have some dates ready to share soon.